Fortnite patch v5.30 adds portable Rift-to-Go, Score Royale mode


After a mysterious delay, Epic Games launched its weekly update to Fortnite: Battle Royale early Thursday.

Most significantly, it added the Rift-to-Go item to the Battle Royale mode, which allows you to carry a rift-generating tool in your inventory and use it to launch into the sky. There, you’ll go into skydiving mode. The Rift will remain active for 10 seconds after it’s deployed.

‘Escape danger or dive into it! The Rift-To-Go is any player’s ace in the hole, creating a Rift for themselves and allies. Be careful that no enemies follow you through,’ Epic wrote in the patch notes.


The Rift-To-Go has an epic rarity, drops in stacks of one and has a max stack size of two. It appears in chests, vending machines, supply drops and loot llamas.

The patch also adds a fresh limited-time mode, Score Royale. Here, you earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers and eliminating other players. The first to cross the high-score threshold wins the match.

For Save The World players, the patch adds the high-damage, high-recoil Bundlebuss Assault Rifle and a new horde challenge.

Along with the weekly patch coming late this week, the list of season 5, week 7 challenges was shifted to Friday at 1 a.m. PT. Make sure to check back here early Friday to start completing challenges and claim more tiers on your Battle Pass in the remaining weeks before season 6.

First published Aug. 22 at 5:34 p.m. PT.
Updated Aug. 23 at 6:32 a.m PT: Added details from the patch release.

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